The Work Love Balance


The Work Love BalanceBy Thomas Jackson

Having covered work life balance there is a deeper level. Allegedly if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life. Even the best jobs are tiring. For a job well done, it’s worth it. With the right person, a relationship is worth it.

For a time I had a good work life and a good love life. It was mostly a successful social life. I couldn’t help notice the confidence earned in succeeding in private life enhanced my confidence to succeed in working life. Once you succeed the genie is out of the bottle.

Going from a little of both to a lot of neither is difficult. Success never seems finite but opportunities come and go. How does one love their job? Although you should not love anything that cannot love you back there are ways to feel better in everything you do.

Engage Others

Never assume that someone cannot help you. If you have the answer to their question, please don’t say “That’s not my department.” It makes you seem unapproachable. That is a bad trait in a manager and if you are moving up the ranks it won’t inspire others to request your advice or assistance.

Get Down and Dirty

Don’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself. At no point should you feel beyond the dirty work. It isn’t glamorous but it must be done. Delegate if you can but be willing to do it yourself.

Be Considerate

You cannot walk a mile in anyone’s shoes. Everyone has problems and adversity so if you take out your rage on someone else- does that lighten your load? No, the issue remains and it needs to be addressed, hopefully resolved.


Some companies really don’t want your feedback. They are best avoided. You can control your own behavior. Make sure to listen to others. Clients have been bounced from department to department. By the time they get to me they are really upset. If they start yelling, let them vent. Fighting fire with fire creates a larger problem. If you have the ability to put out the fire, answer the question and you will end their aggravation.


Don’t kowtow to anyone but work on making them feel better. Listen to their needs and offer solutions. You may not always have the answers but offer alternatives.

Of course you can do all of this and more to no avail. Some people are never satisfied. Forget them- for every apathetic person there is someone who will appreciate all you do and say. Working in harmony can lead to a feel of love. In the absence of love there is the possibility of accomplishment. The right people will find you. In case the right people are not in your present- you will know when you find them. Work feels so much better when there is harmony and a feeling that something worthwhile is accomplished

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