The twin sectors of IT and ITES have been playing a decisive role in shaping the role of the Indian economy. The ITES sector has been bagging the majority of the outsourcing jobs in the world. In software, hardware, IT solutions and services, R & D and engineering, India has been one of the most sought after nations to provide services to the developed economies. India always offered cost advantages but now has grown to be a quality provider over the last 30 years. The sector is expected to grow by 20 percent and reach around 100 billion dollars this year. Currently an estimated over 2 Million people are working in this domain.


The IT and ITES sectors witness rapid changes as they seek to handle intricate client requirements. This in turn poses the challenge of finding and retraining talent that is able to contribute to the specific demands of their international clients.


We have the maximum experience in this sector as a primary focus sector since 1996 for companies based in USA, Canada, Europe, and India. These include companies in products and services for application software, embedded systems, and semiconductors. We have completed searches for positions like software engineers, designers, architects, QA, technical leads, project and product managers, heads of technology, HR, finance, legal, sales etc. Now our focus is restricted to middle and senior management across technical, functional and business roles.