Develop the right attitude


“Tell me ad I forget; Teach me I and I remember; Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Some steps that would hopefully give you a track to follow and will make your soft skills improvement plan more systematical and practical:

  • build on your strengthsattitude_is_everything
  • prioritize what you want you to improve
  • grab opportunities that come by
  • don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • set yourself targets
  • don’t try too many things at one time
  • don’t be a perfectionist and try to get 100% in any one soft skill before going to the next
  • constantly review, revise and refine your strategy
  • no shortcuts
  • be patient

At the end of the day, you have to have the necessary determination to change your life and take the necessary efforts, however hard it may be on your system. You must develop the right attitude to enjoy learning things in spite of their difficulty.

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