Are you hiring the right person ? By Emily Hunnybun, Virtual Assistant/Freelance PA/Event Manager/Consultant – EVA Business Support


Are you really hiring the right person for the job?

In this climate there are hundreds of applications for each job advertised and in order to get the right employee you need strict guidelines to whittle down the candidates.

But are you really doing this effectively?

What is your criteria?

There are some jobs that have specific guidelines on what is required by the candidates to prove their experience and qualifications but many don’t and how can you really measure enthusiasm and drive?  Sometimes, someone desperate to learn and prove themselves will work twice as hard as someone who knows they can do the job.

I have been in this position where I wanted to change my career.  Knowing I had many transferable skills I set about applying for jobs I knew I could do standing on my head but how could I really show that to potential employers?

I know as an employer you cannot possibly interview everyone and it’s all very well to have someone sitting across from you saying ‘I know I don’t have the experience but I KNOW I can do the job’ but are you willing to take the chance?  Would you choose that wildcard candidate?

When I left University I was continually told I didn’t have enough experience to get a job in the field I had been studying in for four years and was left feeling very frustrated – how could I get experience if no one would give me a chance?

Skills are learnt in a variety of places and not all are suitable to put on your CV.  I spent most of my spare time from 18 to 33 working part-time in bars, clubs and pubs gaining a huge amount of experience and knowledge in this area but if I listed every bar or pub I have worked in my CV would be about 7 pages long and who wants to read that?

The other problem is that most of the venues I have worked in have since closed down or changed management due to the pace of the industry so references are hard to come by.  I’m an honest person, I would never say I can do something when I can’t but with so many people who ‘chance it’ why should you believe me just because I say so?

With so much information on the internet, do you adopt a policy where you find candidates on Facebook or LinkedIn and is that a true representation of them?

In the UK, us Brits are notoriously bad at shouting about our skills and achievements – so how do people wanting a total change of direction or to start their own business start to carve their new path?

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