Welcome to the new Daedalus website !


Welcome to the new Daedalus website !

For Employers in India or overseas:

If you are an employer seeking a reliable partner in India for executive search services or setting up your sales organization in India from scratch, you have come to right place.

We have been in business for nearly 2 decades now and have an esteemed list of clients that we have had the honor of serving. We are not the biggest firm in this space but we ensure that the select clients we work for get the best services that is possible from any service provider in our space. For us, failure is NOT an option and quality comes before quantity. If you havent yet engaged with Daedalus, do write to us with your needs at sales@daedalus.co.in to get a free quote and our credentials. Try the Daedalus Way and you might not need to do it any other way in future.

For Executive Career options:

If you are a middle or senior level executive seeking career options, do feel free to write to us at search@daedalus.co.in with your brief MS Word profile and your past experience and current aspirations.

If this against an advertised position on our website or other online media, do mention the name of the role in your subject line. In case you are exploring options in general, we will certainly keep your profile in our confidential active list for near term options. If possible, one of our senior search colleagues will connect with you for any clarifications.

We will have a higher presence in social media this year and more ways for both of us to engage in communicating whats important across multiple fora. We will be available on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and popular blog sites like Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, apart from advertising on leading job portals.

Do write to us if you would like to have your blogs featured here or if you have a need we can discuss confidentially.

Lets get started today !

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