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You have just joined your new job in management in a new company and need to ensure you are successful in this new role. This blog talks about the 3 things you must do to make this happen.

1. Document the status quo properly

Without establishing the starting point in a measurable manner, even your future successes may get hidden as more of the same. Chances are this is an existing job that you are taking over from a predecessor who is still in the system for at least some time, either moving into a new role within the company or exiting the company after serving his notice. The former is somewhat easier as you potentially get more time to consult him or her down the road as well but if the person is exiting, then its even more important to do the documentation post haste. Remember someone who is leaving has less interest in doing the handover than you do!. Getting stuck with some knotty issues post their departure could be troublesome as the blame game won’t work for too long. Get an agreed statement of the status quo which is signed off by your predecessor and your manager.

2. Make a 100 day plan

Identifying the low hanging and long term to-dos for your role is important. I recommend you to make a short term plan, say 100 days, which is measurable and identify the activities which can be done within this period so your bosses, peers and even subordinates can see you mean business. Whatever level you have come into the organization, you have to earn your laundry stripes Everyone is watching you to see what you are made of whether you see this or not. It’s the post-purchase trepidation which is human nature. There will likely be folks waiting for you to fail, people with loyalties to your predecessor or maybe folks who think they should have got promoted to the role you took away. Being paranoid maybe extreme but ensuring you can show early results will soothe your bosses’ fears and earn you the respect of your peers and subordinates. Don’t underestimate the short term as impressions are built fairly early and take a long time to live down.

3. Identify your well wishers and collaborators

Not everyone will feel threatened by your entry and there will be many folks across the organization that will passively or actively support you in achieving your goals for the organization, if only you care to ask for help and cultivate them. Your bosses should certainly fall into that category by default as will many peers and subordinates, if you are result oriented, professional and have good inter-personal skills. The talks at the water cooler, canteen or bar all play an important role in bonding with colleagues and having more collaborators with inside knowledge. Most roles have many touch points within and across functional boundaries and building a good rapport is critical to success. Most successful people in business and corporate jobs have the best relationships as ‘all business is relationship business ‘.

There are obviously other things you need to do to succeed like acquiring in-depth job knowledge and skills, navigating organizational politics and power centers etc but if you do the 3 things as above well, you should be well on your way to success.

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