Written By: Dezan Shira & Associates 1. What are my options for investment? Foreign investment into India can come in a variety of different legal entities. Your choice of entity depends on the kind of work you plan to do during your time in the country. 2. How do I establish […]

10 Things to know about doing business in India

Engineers applying to small and medium businesses or start-ups in Bengaluru could be in for a disappointment as many of these have decided to hire only diploma holders. These businesses claim engineers often quit when they get an offer from bigger brands. As a result, the attrition rate at these […]

Small firms – shy of hiring engineers

Written by: Malini Goyal The US   Tell your story. Paint the big picture. They would like to hear your world view. Americans like articulate talkers who come from pedigreed schools and colleges and have been at well-known companies. They like the resume to be crisp and sharp — not more […]

How companies from around the world are likely to recruit

Written by: Caroline Liu We’ve all been there: It’s the end of the interview, and after nearly an hour of pouring your heart (and work experience) out to a potential employer, the hiring manager asks if you have any last questions before wrapping up. It’s meant to be a formality, of […]

The Best Question to Ask if You Want to End ...

There comes a time in the career of many professionals when the most likely source of alternative career options is via a headhunter. So, if your next role is in the hands of search firm, how do you go about catching their attention? Boost your visibility  Be recognised for your […]

7 Tips to catch the attention of head hunters